Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Most of life is just coasting. Its such a waste but unavoidable. The system doesn't really work in terms of slotting people into positions they are best suited too. Hence, me, in a fairly menial unchallenging job, left to my own devices to derive some sort of intellectual interest out of my workaday efforts. Even for smart people, self motivation only lasts so long, and a dull monotony sets in coloring everything a humdrum monochrome. So where next for me?

Well googling for terms like 'freshen the mind' came up with the following

'Yoshida Shoin phrased it this way: "Every morning, wake up thy mind to die. Every evening, freshen thy mind on the thought of death. Thus will thy mind be prepared. When thy mind is always set on death, thy way through life will be straight and simple."'

Thinking of mortality isn't something a person with a healthy mental state is meant to do, but there is something appealing about the muted sense of urgency it introduces.

Seems like a good start, life's all about the bits where you don't coast, and getting better at not coasting requires some effort as well.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

IT TRUE! Have a look at Google Moon at max zoom...
DuckDoom Yeh! Bring it on Anatidaens
Ok, you've got a live lobster right, and you need to vend it right.

So what do you do, you put the two together and get you GET A LIVE LOBSTER VENDING MACHINE!


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Brush with fame, NERD style...

From the ruby mailing list I keep track of.
to ruby-talk
More options 8:11 am (1 hour ago)
> portable. So after he wrote a ton of cruft and we got rid of him, I tried to
> build Mono for Linux, and there were no RPMs, so I know how to build source
> right? The dependency chain was a mile long, and I spent almost two weeks at

You must not have looked very hard. The RPMs are right there on the
web site:

Also, if we do not support your platform with rpms, you can use the x86
installer that will work everywhere.

As for dependencies, you need glib, libgdiplus and Mono, so 3 tarballs
to build. All of them build in about 10 minutes on a 2ghz laptop.

If someone burned 20 to 30 hours building three tarballs or not being
able to find a proper package in a Downloads page, I would say that
they have other more fundamental problems to deal with than Mono and


Nice to see someone high up the programmer kudorachy lay the smack down :-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Short version, digicam broken, taken to cannon for repairs.

Agreed max repair cost, $150, actuall cost after repairs, $149.

Two possibilities, a little over, price dropped for convienience, or price under, bumped for profit.

Suspicious either way.

These such metaphysical ponderings consume my waking hours, I wonder what that means?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oh yeah, now this is fun!
I wonder what Microsofts liability is, vis-a-ve RSI in relation to people who start typing in a text box, only to have some other very annoying program pop up and steal the input focus.

Hence username [TAB] password



Another in the series of 'What was that multi-billion dollar company thinking...'
How poor, two months since my last blog entry.

I must try harder!