Monday, January 02, 2006

A nice writeup on choosing an audio compression scheme for your music collection.
Nice see see someone else is pissed off by the inexplicable concept of documentation that contains no information.
Joel is usually someone whose observations are spot on. In this case however, his usually well kept in check ego bubbles to the surface.

Java is just another simple programming language in terms of its core concepts. The API itself is a complete other story, being incredibly complex and inconsistent.

Its suitable as a base to build on. You can be wowed by prolog, smalltalk and scheme later.

But... the only thing that makes a really good programmer is years of exposure to a wide variety of different concepts, environments and technologies. Its on then that you can really distill core wisdom from your experience.

You may be intelligent, and side-step many tech concept dead-ends, but you will not ever come straight out of a Uni a fully baked top 10% allrounder.