Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ok, what the hell is going on with intelligent design being proposed as subject matter for science classes in American schools?

I haven't read the details ( stupid people bore me ) but how the hell has intelligent design been equated with evolution in terms of the burden of scientific proof?

Admittedly evolution doesnt quite match it with the heavyweight champions of the scientific method like gravity and friends. But its the current best attempt by science to explain the current state of our planets flora and fauna.

Intelligent design, as interesting as it is is extra-science, its metaphysics, not science at all.

I love to see the dogma of the scientific world challenged. Scientists have a sort of hubris when anyone challenges the 'impartial' part of their process. I read Behes 'Darwins Black Box' six or seven years ago, and found it fascinating. Its not however a scientific explaination for life.

Hill-Billy creation scientists are giving the rest of us more circumspect doubters bad press, but thats stupid for you...