Monday, August 30, 2004

Breasts, from the male perspective. Note to females, please dont wear those bras where the cup appears to be made of 3 pieces of material. There is nothing more matronly and uninspiring than seeing the evidence of extra layers of material between man and his best friend...

I need something, a better phone, a notepad ( old style ), something, I allways think of blog ideas and forget them by the time I'm able to post...
Is there anything slower than saving IE preferences? why?

Friday, August 06, 2004

Book Review - Incompetence

This book appealed to me because it plays on an idea I've comtemplated, anti-discrimination laws are commonplace, how long before its illegal to employ based on intelligence.

Intelligence is just a roll of the genetic die after all.

It wasn't untill I started reading that I twigged, the author is Rob Grant of Red Dwarf fame!!!

Some books are about the journey, rather than the destination. Thw writing is so entertaining you don't realise how little of a story there is.

And I learn't something as well, I now know what Priapism is :-)

8/10 For the fans

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Feeling paranoid, dunno whats worse 'wage slavery to huge corporations' or Bush's foul mental sophistry of a false world view...

Monday, August 02, 2004

Crap words of the Week 'Deliverables' and 'Procurement'.

Two words, which for some unknown reason shit me.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Hmm Mr Graham

Paul Graham seems to have upset a few small minded people.

I think most of the aggro around this article is from people who are probably the best programmer they know ( real or imagined ) and thus think of themselves as great or almost great. When Paul says great, he means GREAT, as in if you are 3-5-7 times better than your team-mates, GREAT programmers are 10-100x better than you.

I'm probably not a GREAT programmer, I'm sure I could play the roll for a while though.... :-)

IT still isnt science

Sometimes these things happen to even hard core techies like myself, actually they are probably more likely to happen to techies because we make assumptions and take things for granted.

I did some work on a Unix box ( setting up a test harness ), to back up that work I ftp'd a tar.bz2 to my windows notebook.

Guess what happened, the app dir I placed my code under on the Unix box was deleted as part of an app re-install ( why not tar.bz2 the old app I dunno ) and in parallel with that something wierd happend on my notebook which resulted in numerous files being deleted, including the tar.bz2 backup.

How unlikely!

Pissed off I was, I still dont know exactly what happened, something around JMeter using 100% CPU, a native windows Java IDE and/or malicous co-workers deleted the files and I had not a backup in sight.

Despite having a DVD burner and numerous usb2 hdd's around.