Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Brush with fame, NERD style...

From the ruby mailing list I keep track of.
to ruby-talk
More options 8:11 am (1 hour ago)
> portable. So after he wrote a ton of cruft and we got rid of him, I tried to
> build Mono for Linux, and there were no RPMs, so I know how to build source
> right? The dependency chain was a mile long, and I spent almost two weeks at

You must not have looked very hard. The RPMs are right there on the
web site:

Also, if we do not support your platform with rpms, you can use the x86
installer that will work everywhere.

As for dependencies, you need glib, libgdiplus and Mono, so 3 tarballs
to build. All of them build in about 10 minutes on a 2ghz laptop.

If someone burned 20 to 30 hours building three tarballs or not being
able to find a proper package in a Downloads page, I would say that
they have other more fundamental problems to deal with than Mono and


Nice to see someone high up the programmer kudorachy lay the smack down :-)


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