Sunday, September 11, 2005

I wonder what Microsofts liability is, vis-a-ve RSI in relation to people who start typing in a text box, only to have some other very annoying program pop up and steal the input focus.

Hence username [TAB] password



Another in the series of 'What was that multi-billion dollar company thinking...'


Blogger Capn John said...

I hate typing out my username, tabbing to the password field, typing in almost my entire password, only to have the page finally fully load, erase everything I've typed in, and jump the PoF to the URL addy bar so I attempt to go to a website made up of the last couple of letters of my password.

Or it jumps the PoF to the username, so you add the last part of your password to your username, hit Enter, realize you're attempting to login with the wrong username and password, quickly hit backspace a couple of times, but now the PoF is the navigation toolbar, and backspace acts in the same capacity as the Back button, so instead of erasing the last three letters in the username field you navigate Back three pages away from where you're trying to get.

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