Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Spammers aren't all stupid!

Step 1. Create a fake bounce back email and send it to me, giving the appearance of email sending virus activity.

Step 2. Send a fake email from my ISP informing me of said emails being sent, and the possible comprose of my PC, include fake zip with executable file to do who knows what when opened.


Monday, July 26, 2004

Joey Gibson, I allway thought he was a obnoxius right wing windbag.

But now he's a certifiable raving loon

Bush collaterally killing innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq doesn't bother him, but he'll gladly beat a woman wearing an offensive tee-shirt unconscious.

People who think like that are the cause of the very high 'World FuckedUpness Quotient'.


I'm running as an exercise. Go take a look.


There are alot of things in the world that are not right.

How upset should we get over them?

I'd like to think if slavery was still around I'd be upset about it, and I'd also like to think I'd be motivated enough to do something about it, I'd have too, to be able to live with myself.

How do we know what wrong things are in the same category today, as slavery was then?