Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Using IsoPuzzle effectively.

I was using IsoPuzzle recently to try and salvage some kids DVDs.

If you have kids you know kid+DVD's=Scratches & No Play :-)

Iso Puzzle worked well for a few discs, but then got stuck on about 55%. I left it running ( hours then days ) and it was creeping up slowly, eventually hitting 65%.

I stopped the current run and created a new ISO, IsoPuzzle run through to 95% in the first pass!

The last 5% took only 30 mins or so, the lesson being IsoPuzzles sector skipping is a good strategy but is very slow, so do whatever you can to get the first pass to complete the majority of the work!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So private hospital Emergency Wards trump Public Hospitals, no questions asked. Still a few negatives

(a) Cost
(b) Inexplicable waiting ( despite (a) ) what gives with that ?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sooo, Melbourne has been stupidly hot, as in the sort of hot that makes you stupid. The sort of hot Murphy must have loved to prank around in. Murphy being such a turd and all.

Trains and Trams have melted in the streets, old people have removed cardigans, younger people have transmuted directly into the human gaseous form, whatever that is...

A bottleshop(off license/liquor store) was selling slabs(cartons,boxes) of water!

Yep, the ole town was hot alright, people were sweating like a rapist hidden in the attic of a nunnery...

So on my way home from work my tram didnt, y'know tram, whatever the noun is to describe tramlike activity. So I took a different route, in the same compass direction ( SE ) so I could walk to a train station, then train to another train station, then finally get picked up by my much better half.

On the way a loud talking fellow gets on, for most people I'm sure loud talking is a sort of early warning sign, an indicator that there is somewhere it's best not to be around in the vicinity. This guy however has a six-pack of reasonable frothy liquid...

"Good man, do you have a spare one of those" my mouth speaks, with my brain trying to signal 'no interactions with loud talkers' too slowly.

But he gives me an option "If you really wan't one, go ahead"

Which in psychological speak is probably interpreted as "I'm not going to flat out refuse but I'd rather you didn't"

But of course, brain is not involved in interpreting this emanations and mouth just keeps on its linear track "Thanks then, I'll grab one"

Anyway, I open my new found cool refreshing buddy and start drinking it on the tram, surrounded by loud talker and numerous other wilting sapiens. Sip. Sip. Sip.

Loud talker gets off and I'm left to ponder, whether in loud talkers 'inner conversations' he ever has concerns over 'lager blaggers' and how to deal with them. Too bad, it's the heat you see, the thin veneer of civilisation and self preservation doesn't hold up well under increased thermal stress.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This is fucking outrageous.

In fact, outrage is too mild a word, in fact all words are too mild, nothing in the dictionary really portrays just how evil and wrong and fucking outrageous this is.

There is probably a word for the fact that the girl will end up in heaven, and the foul bestial creatures mislabeled men who were involved will all hopefully burn somewhere, physical or celestial...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Facebook killed the blog ? Paragraph long blog entries, who has time for them nowdays, its hard enough to find something to type into a facebook status...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sometimes, you just do the wrong thing, albeit in a small way.

Today I carried my take-away latte into a supermarket. I finished it whilst we were shopping so as I could not see any bins I dropped the empty cup into a box lying around. Then 2 things happened. 10secs later one employee was complaining to another that he just left his task for 10 seconds and look what happened ( some lazy bastard left a coffee cup in his empty box ). And as I carried on walking I noticed about 3 bins that I could have used.

Seinfeld could have made a whole episode out of this...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Just quickly

If you want to read something interesting

Watch this tv show if you want to see humour.