Monday, May 16, 2005

A good attempt by the Australian Govenment to put its services online, is somewhat spoiled by the lack of 24hr access.

To work as a contracter in Australia an ABN ( Australian Business Number ) is required, you can apply for these online, which is amazingly unbureaucratic.

But, and there is allways a but with the Public Service, the website appears to be available during business hours only, outside of that I get no response.

Maybe I'm being cruel, but I can just imagine the site running on IIS on some public servants desktop PC which is turned on at 9.30am and off at 5.00pm :-)


Blogger Capn John said...

Either they've read your Blog, or they've told that employee to leave his PC on now 24/7 coz it worked when I went there ;)

8:52 AM  

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