Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Now I'm going to inject a little personal essay into a mostly tech related blog.

A few weeks back now, my son Ali was up late and distressed with teething problems, eventually after alot of calming and a dose of baby panadol he dropped off to sleep.

I however, was wide awake with typical goldfish like brain activity.

A gekko was on the fly wire catching mozzies, so immediately I felt a bond with the little fella, he was after all reducing the number of Satans little helpers entering the bedroom.

Watching it was medatative, I realised I wasnt thinking of anything else except my observations. Now people who know about Meditation would probably have far superior ways of calming the mind and emptying it of spurious thoughts. Me, I've got my gekko on the fly wire, and thats ok with me.

He's been back almost every night since, sometimes with a buddy, usually I just hear the click-clack of a gekko tongue but sometimes I find myself watching them.

Nature, continuosly amazing.


Anonymous Capn John said...

Dude, I think there's a second U in continuously ;)

Loved this post though.

So are you staying in India for a while? You mentioned you called up some company to apply for a job. That smacks of long term thinking.

6:31 PM  

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