Friday, April 29, 2005

I love it when something technical thats complicated enough that I normally wouldn't expect it to work goes ahead and works!

libPST is a handy library for exporting PST files to something sane ( I'm creating an email archive in SQLite ), and its pretty much the only option thanks to Microsofts (a)Undocumented PST file format and (b) Rubbish code in Flakelook.

Great, libPST has command line util, readpst, cant google an existing binary for Windows, but how hard can it be to compile it.

Try 1, Borland free command line compiler, no luck.
Try 2, MS free command line compiler, better but missing lib ( uuid.lib ).

Scratch Head, I'm running out of compilers, maybe I'll try cygwin/gcc.

Try 3, Cygwin gcc, Makefile, nope.
Try 4, read makefile, discover readpst object files, compile individually with gcc -c file.c, then gcc readpst.c *.o


Now will it work, I'm basking for a little longer before I find out :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any further luck with this? I tried compiling as you did but I get an ERROR 1. I must be missing something. ;) Was curious if it functioned for you before I bothered spending more time on it.
wmwarner5 a@t

2:19 PM  

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