Thursday, January 27, 2005

I have an 8mth old son. Something about me has changed since his birth. Previously whenever I heard of tradegy involving children I wasn't affected any more than most people, they were saddening occurances, but to live any sort of life I couldn't dwell too deeply on them.

Now I hear of a little 4 yo boy who died a few days ago, he was riding his bike and was crushed under a truck. The driver didn't even know it happened. The boys pregnant mother was confined to bed with back pain and didn't know he was outside. His 8 yo sister, whom he usually awoke was asleep, she wouldn't have let him go out on his own otherwise. The morning he died was the first morning in many that he didn't awake and ask to go with his father to the families fish and chip shop.

My heart aches for that little boy, and his family, and the truck driver.

Have you even heard anything so sad?

His name was Saad, his sister says he visited her in a dream, hugging her and telling her he loves her and his family. There is nothing I can take from this story, except this, never take loved ones for granted, never live a day thats not special.


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