Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bill Gates says

"...We need to keep IE the best. We need to innovate in IE, do more add-ons, do improvements. We have some very exciting plans there. Some percentage of users are going to try Firefox and IE side by side, and use the one that's best..."

From this article.

Man thats funny, the guy is getting briefings from yes men, they left out the bits where the best HTML browser doesnt do things like

  • Start typing a URL and have the original URL overwrite it when the page finishes loading

  • Enter a URL when the network is unavailable, hit enter when the network is available and have the browser not bother to try and reload the URL

  • Hit enter on a URL and have NO feedback on the state of the load, no status bar, maybe a pointer change but nothing useful.

  • No tabs

Etc etc. This illustrates a real weakness in the corporate system, one that I've seen many times, a lack of reality in reporting to 'C' level executives.


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