Saturday, September 30, 2006

I often hear stories of 'exploitation'. Usually it involves an imbalance of power, whether it be social, financial or legal or other. But what is both parties are involved in the exploitation, does the relationship then become symbiotic?

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Blogger Capn John said...

In B&D, the Bottom, the one who appears subservient and appears to be the one being exploited, is actually the one in control and is more in charge than the Top. The Bottom is the one who says Stop, and the Top stops, or at least they're supposed to. If the Top doesn't stop when the Bottom says the safe word then we no longer have consensual B&D but have moved into a realm of exploitation and violation.

Usually both the Bottom and the Top need the particular interaction they get from their activities, so it could be argued that consensual B&D is a symbiotic relationship between the participants. The same argument could be considered relevant where ever both parties agree to the exploitation.

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