Tuesday, April 05, 2005

J2EE vs Ruby on Rails again!

Why is this meme being Groundhogged all over again? ROR is a competitor of PHP's, not J2EE.

Ruby is a higher level language than java, so why is it surprising LOC are greater in the java app? Write the same thing in C and see the line count compared to java.

I've got a J2EE webapp that lets you specify a complete app in an XML file, it include template engine, statemachine for page flow, Rhino JS for logic and automatic ResultSet to XML conversion, I bet its more RAD than ROR but is that a fair comparision?


Anonymous Curt Hibbs said...

I'd say the reason is because most web apps that are created using J2EE are really more suited to the likes of PHP and RoR. Now its becoming painfully obvious that many Java developers are using the wrong tool. That inevitably leads to resentment and denial.

7:21 AM  

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