Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How do you handle righteous anger situations? I never handle them very well, I usually either

a) Walk away and analyse the situation from every angle for a long time afterwards, determining the perfect response etc and being annoyed at myself for saying nothing.
b) Get really really really ( way too ) angry and start swearing and threatening way out of proportion to the incident.

What I wish I could do is calmly tell the person exactly what they did wrong and exactly how I feel. I really admire people who can do that, but I never feel I can defend my position against a seasoned agitator ( ie nasty person with plenty of practice in arguments ).


Blogger nymphe said...

Me neither, I probably end up with yelling, screaming and some kicking. Hahah

But yeah, if u r really angry, take a deep breath and walk away, come back when u r more composed, whether it's to take out your opponent or to get a peaceful resolution. :)

11:59 PM  

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